Are Facial Cleansing Brushes Good Or Bad?


Sonic facial cleaning brushes are designed for your daily cleansing routine. Once these brushes were used in the top salons and dermatologists, now they have exploded onto the beauty market. Once you try them, these sonic facial cleaning brushes are almost addictive. But before you run them over your face you need to find out are facial cleansing brushes good or bad.


Deep Cleansing

Facial cleansing brushes are composed of a motor that moves the brush in a repetitive motion. The bristles of the brush and motor enable the brush to clean makeup and dirt from the skin. These brushes exfoliate the skin more effectively as compared to washing by hand. The bristles of these brushes have the ability to penetrate deeper into the upper layer of the skin, enabling a more deep and thorough cleansing.

Instant Face Lift

Facial cleaning brushes restore the skin vitality and promote blood flow resulting in a much younger looking skin. It is a cheaper and easier way to get a facelift at your house because cleaning speeds up cell turnovers.

Glowing and Super Smooth Skin

Facial cleansing brushes remove the dead skin cells more effectively and in a faster way. These brushes are designed to remove sebum, dirt particles, grime and other debris from the skin in a much better way and efficiently. These brushes do not work on microbeads technology, which can damage your skin.

Better Absorption

Facial cleansing brushes exfoliate the skin more effectively, so the skin products that you apply to the skin can be absorbed more easily and show effective results.

Skin Trauma

Cleansing your skin with a facial cleaning brush leads to skin trauma, which is beneficial for the skin. It accelerates the cellular regeneration process and gets your skin in a repair mode reversing the aging process. If you use the cleansing brush twice in a day, it can also help to wipe out acne marks and blemishes.


Over Exfoliation

Over exfoliation of the skin is quite common when you are using a cleaning brush. Over exfoliation is dangerous as it can cause skin irritation, breakouts and premature aging. So it is essential to use the cleaning brush once or twice a day rather than using it four to five times per day.

Trigger Melanin Activity

Melanin is a skin pigment. Enhanced secretion of melanin leads to skin discoloration. Excessive use of cleansing brushes can result in excessive secretion of melanin and skin discoloration.

Skin Inflammation and Wrinkles

Over-cleansing can stress out the skin. It breaks downs the skin tissues resulting in skin thinning, wrinkles and inflammation. The bristles of the cleaning brushes are not meant for the sensitive skin and their excessive use is abrasive.


The regular use of facial cleansing brushes can make the pimples go away. But in case of sensitive skin, the daily use of these brushes can cause inflammation of skin and breakouts. If you observe any of this, stop using the brush immediately and stick to the mild face scrubs.


Besides some drawbacks, facial cleansing brushes are good for the skin to a certain point as they keep the skin hygienically clean. However, to enjoy maximum benefits, you need to follow the necessary maintenance steps. Change your brush heads according to the instructions of the brush. If you do not change the brush heads, it will result in dirt buildup and breakouts. By changing the brush heads and by using the cleansing brushes just once or twice daily, you can overcome all the drawbacks.

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